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Thread: Permanent Residence Visa Question

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    Default Permanent Residence Visa Question


    Not sure if this is the right section to ask for Permanent Residence visa application? As I can't find any other section about this.

    History I have gotten my residence visa with just travel condition.

    I do know that the travel condition start countdown for 2 years when I made the first entry. And I had read the requirement for Permanent Residence visa a few time and I know there are 5 different type of requirement you can fulfill either 1 of the 5 requirements.

    The most straight forward will be staying 184 days for each year for the continue 2 years.

    I'm just wondering if there are such case or reason INZ will still reject your application after you had met 1 of the 5 requirements?

    Cause due to my works and family I have been fly in and out of NZ. I did once call up INZ and seek their advise how do they consider 1 days count. Example they consider 1 days must be 24 hrs in the country or what. Cause it is always the case where you fly in at let say 7AM on 1 Jan and do you count that day as 1 day. What the INZ officer had informed me is that so long you step it on that day it is counted as 1 day regardless of the time.

    So I have been counting and seem like I manage to stay enough for year 1 which is total of 186 days. Now I'm working hard toward my year 2.

    Please anyone knowledgable enough to advise and correct me if there is any mistake?

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    INZ will evaluate the preponderance (overall) of evidence that you are making New Zealand your home. Travel for work is not usually an issue.


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