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Thread: Please help me ...its URGENT !

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    Default Please help me ...its URGENT !

    Hi Mother Bear. Firstly thanx for all ur advice and suggestions till now.Presently I am waiting for my Big News.Last month on 22 april, 2012 my VO wrote that she had taken decision(AT LAST) which will be conveyed to me formally within 15 days....but till today no response from INZ.I enquired about the status yesterday. She replied that now she can't help as the application is moving on its own pace and she will get back to us after some time.What this means ??(She didn't explained about status of my SMC application)
    From this blog I came to know that "Review" is mandatory for every decision.Is this what happening to my application though VO didn't said so? Secondaly how much time it will take? Its almost 20 days now.
    Mam my upper limit regarding processing timeframe is going to end on 31st May 2012.Hope I get Blue Stickers by then.Is INZ takes more time than that.Is it normal for them?
    Please guide me.Now even patience is loosing patience.Its almost 3.4 years since I started my paper work at New Delhi Branch regarding my Resident Visa.

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    Hi Romir

    Unfortunately I can't tell you what is going on at INZ as I am not part of that. Your application is certainly taking a long time to be processed but, as I am not aware of your case and its progress, I'm not able to give you any news. This would be something that only your Case/Visa Officer can answer. You need to explain your worries to her and get answers to all your questions from her. I'm not in a position to know what is delaying the granting of your residency. You need to make her understand how concerned you are and that you need to know what is happening with your application. I'm sorry I can't help further as I'm only allowed to give general information rather than comment on individual cases of which I have no knowledge.
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    At last got APPROVED for our SMC application on 21st june 2012.Now waiting for my case officer to send the formal mail regarding depositing of levy fee etc.
    Days of BLUE STICKERS......aha !

    Total procedure from EOI to Decision took 3.5 yrs at New Delhi branch.

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