Hi, fellow NZ dreamers....

I received my ITA last Feb 2012.
I am claiming points for a qualification in an area of absolute skills shortage as Electronics Engineer where requirements in the LTSSL columns 3 and 4 are:

A Washington Accord accredited engineering degree
Either a qualification specifically recognised by NZQA as comparable to a:
Bachelor of Engineering,
or Bachelor of Engineering (with Honours), or
Master of Engineering degree
A bachelor degree (Level 7) or higher with a letter from IPENZ certifying that the degree and any further learning meets the academic requirements for registration as a 'Chartered Professional Engineer' in New Zealand

NZ registration as a 'Chartered Professional Engineer'

I don't have a Washington accredited degree nor NZ registration as Chartered Professional Engineer.
When I read through again the ITA letter sent to me including the requirements, CO did not actually ask for my NZQA but only for my husband's (his qual is not in the exemption list). My qualification, however, is in the list of Qualifications exempt from Assessment at level 7.

My question is: can I just follow the list of required documents as stated by my CO in the ITA letter? I have everything ready. I only worry that I still need NZQA or letter from IPENZ.

Anyone who has the same issue as mine?

Really appreciate your inputs. I'm soooooo worried and confused.