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Thread: minimum standard of English for non-principal applicant

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    Default minimum standard of English for non-principal applicant

    Hi there!

    my wife is going to apply for PR under skilled migrant category. As a non-principal applicant, I must prove i meet the minimum standard of English. Actually i'm working (non-skilled job) since 16 months and my position requires english spoken and writing skills. Is my enployer statement proving my ability to communicate is good enough to satisfies INZ? I also used to stay in Indonesia (3 years) where i set up import export business and which requires as well a good command of English. My mother tongue is Arabic and i also speak French fluently, the same goes for my 2 brothers. Do you think dear friends INZ will be satisfied with these facts or is it better to take IELTS exam?

    waiting for your opinions,

    Thanks in advance,


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    IELTS (International English Language Testing System). They need to see you meet a standard not an opinion.


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    It says on the INZ website that it should be OK if you can prove you either studied or have worked with English as the prime language although, regarding the latter, I note they mention it should be from NZ employment. I'm not sure from your post where your english-speaking employment has been undertaken. I don't know why they restrict it to NZ employment only. I think it will be down to the case officer to decide whether you need to sit an examination or not, possibly based on how good they think your command of the language is. I don't imagine they would be very interested that you can also speak other languages.

    English language requirements.
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    Default minimum standard of English for non-principal applicant

    thanks MotherBear for your feedback,

    My 16 month's work experience is from NZ employment and it's still going on. When i was hired, i underwent an interview to make sure my communication skill in English is good. I also studied English language and literature for 2 years at the university in my home country. My plan is to submit statement from my employer, Uni certificate and see how it goes. If ever INZ officer is not satisfied i meet the minimum standard of English then i won't have a choice but to take IELTS exam.

    Thanks again MotherBear for your time

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