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Thread: How long is a full medical valid?

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    Default How long is a full medical valid?


    I submitted a PR application for my parents under family category in Aug 2009. My father's medical was not ok so there was follow-up work that had to be done and new reports sent. These were sent in Nov 2009. The application was allocated to a visa officer in Jan 2010. The visa officer wanted a second medical opinion in Sep 2010 and
    this was given. unfortunately my father had a heart attack and passed away suddenly in Jan 2011. My mother's medical was all fine from the begining. Now my mother is all alone back home as all of my siblings are out of the country. I have informed the visa officer re: my father's passing away and sent him the death certificate. I want to get my mother's PR finalised; as far as I am aware there should not be any issues. I am worried that they will ask for medicals, police certificates etc to be re-done.
    Is there an expiry period for these?

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    So sorry to read that you lost your father. Medical certificates have a life of 3 months and police certificates have 6 months but this applies up to the time they are submitted with the application. Usually the clock stops ticking once they have gone into INZ. However, as so much time has passed since the originals were submitted, INZ could possibly request new ones to be done, as can happen, I believe, if the certificates are more than 2 years old. This would be up to them to decide but, as the 2 years is up in August this year, and your mother's original report was good, let's hope this doesn't happen. Hopefully, INZ will make a decision before that becomes necessary.

    Applications under the Parent Category can, unfortunately, take a long time to be processed - anything up to 2 years in some cases.
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