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Thread: WTR questionaire !!

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    Smile WTR questionaire !!

    Hello everybody, first of all I would like to thank you all in advance..this is a great forum for those who are in need for information.

    I am a Sri Lankan IT Professional with a Masters degree in IT and 10yrs experience in the ERP sector. My situation is as follows;

    Date of EOI : 5th May 2009 (was selected from the pool the next day as I claimed points for qualifications and experience in AASS)
    Date of ITA : 5th June 2009
    Date of Application :30th September 2009
    Date of allocation to a Visa Officer : 10th August 2010 Branch: ShanghaiDo not have a Job offer

    I am still waiting for our CO to come up with a date for the interview (which, I hope, is the next step). After viewing some forums I got the impression that they (INZ) grant only WTR to people who do not have job offers in hand. Can that be true? I have registered with various sites and tried so hard to secure a job but failed since I do not have a valid visa/permit. Isnt that a egg or the hen situation? They do not issue visa 'cos we cannot get job offers and we cannot get job offers 'cos we have no visa
    Is there any possibility that we (me, wife and kid) will be granted PR instead of WTR?
    If they grant me WTR, will I be able to find a job within the given time frame ( think it is just 9 months?) with the current ICT job market there?
    Will it take another year for the interview to be held?
    Is it ok to poke our CO from time to time, by email, asking about the progress of the application? (just asked this 'cos our CO (a she) seems to be very arrogant even without sending any)

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    Hi Supipi

    Yes, it can often happen that you are granted a WTR instead of PR if you don't already have a job offer. This is to give you time to prove you can find a job and settle in NZ successfully. Whether you would be able to find a job within the specified time is difficult for anyone to predict. You will find it more difficult to find a job if you are still outside NZ than if you are in the country. It's unfortunate that some employers use this 'no visa, no job offer' tactic when they want to avoid employing someone from overseas, maybe because of the amount of paperwork involved. As we know, you need a job offer first before you can apply for a work visa. It's generally only those with PR who can go job hunting with their visa already in hand.

    You should be able to approach your case officer with queries regarding your application. That is part of their job. If your CO is not handling your case the way you would wish, perhaps you could ask to have someone else instead.

    I wouldn't like to say how long it will be before you have your interview as timings vary from branch to branch, depending on how busy they are. I would hope it wouldn't be as long as a year though.
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