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Thread: Baby coming soon !!

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    Default Baby coming soon !!

    Hi everyone, first of all, Happy New Year !!

    I need some advice and experience sharing here. While waiting for my case officer to contact me, my wife got pregnant and will be delivering soon. I would like to know if i should inform my case officer before delivery? Also, what is the process to submit application for my baby halfway along the process.

    EOI submited..............05/12/09 (140 pts, no job offer)
    EOI selected..............16/12/09
    ITA received..............19/01/10
    App submited.............01/04/10
    Lodgement Date.........06/04/10 (Beijing Branch received the application)
    Receive a package......13/04/10 (Case Officer assigned)

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    Congratulations, Chalky!

    You will certainly need to inform INZ about the upcoming new addition to your family. Your baby will need his/her own visa to travel to NZ and your case officer should be able to tell you how you go about applying for this as your child is not already included on your original application form. I can't find anything, so far, that tells us how this is done. Whether you notify INZ before or after the child is born depends on timing. You don't want to leave it too late as you are already well into the process.
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    Hi thanks.
    I have send my Case Officer an email, still waiting for his reply.

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