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Thread: London job offer - does this impact chances of getting NZ PR?

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    Default London job offer - does this impact chances of getting NZ PR?


    I just received a job offer from London which requires me to relocate there for the next one and half years. My interview with INZ officer will take place next week. I'd like to check if acceptance of this offer will impact my chances of obtaining NZ PR.

    Appreciate advice on this matter. Thanks!

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    Accepting the job wont impact on your application unless you are giving up an NZ job offer on which your application depends. However, if you can't meet the requirements of your PR then you may lose it in other ways. For example, once granted you only have 12 months in which to take up your PR by entering New Zealand. Then, you must meet your travel restrictions and spend 6 months of each year for the following 2 years in New Zealand in order to be granted an indefinite visa (your initial residency visa is for 2 years, then you get granted a permanent residence visa).

    In your situation, as you have an 18 month job, as long as your timing was pretty good then you could squeeze in all of the requirements. If you miss the 6 month/year thing, there are several options to retain your residency status, so all wouldn't be lost!

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    Default Thanks!

    Dear Taffy,

    Many thanks for your answer. So this means that if the INZ officer finds out about my acceptance of this job offer during the interview, he/she will not find me unfavourable for the PR?

    Upon approval of the visa (after the interview), how long is the applicant given to submit the passport for the attachment of the 2-year initial visa label?

    I understand that timing is key to being able to fulfill the 6-months-per-year requirement so I'm trying to work out a plan here.


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