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Thread: Returning of Original Documents

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    Default Returning of Original Documents

    Hello Guys,

    I would just like to know how long will it take for NZIS to return the original documents upon submitting the ITA?

    We are planning to send all original documents with photocopy of each except for the passports which requires to have its copy certified.

    Is sending the original documents advisable and safe? are there any instances whereby NZIS misplaced or lost those documents?


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    INZ's usual practice is to make a copy, get it verified that it has been sighted by a case officer and then post them back to you, so not usually all that long. You're always taking a risk of loss when using the postal service, but if received by INZ it would most likely be incredibly rare that they themselves would lose documents.

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    Thank you for the reply Taffy. I am planning to send all our original docs via Fedex.
    I hope there will be no issues on the delivery.

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    Hi Jarhead,

    I doubt you will have any problems. We paid the extra amount for the return of our documents and they couriered it back(DHL).
    We got our stuff back within a month I'd say.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks Tamtra, by the way which branch did you submit your ITA?

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    Anybody knows how long does Beijing Branch return the documents?
    Shanghai Branch returned the documents within 3 days.

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