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Thread: Extension in date of submission of documents for ITA

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    Default Extension in date of submission of documents for ITA

    Hello ,

    I am Sandeep from India, a new member of this forum .I have few queries regarding my ITA , and hoping to find some answers here :)

    I am applying for PR for myself and my wife. I had applied for EOI and got ITA a month back. The last date for submission mentioned is Jan 15th.

    But my wife is traveling to Finland now for 2 months and hence we will not be able to get her police verification done within jan15th.

    So can we ask for an extension of last date? How long an extension is usually given? Can I ask for 2 months extension?

    Are there cases where extensions were provided? Will the reason that my wife is traveling be accepted and an extension given?


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    Police certificates are valid for 6 months, so she could consider applying before she leaves for Finland and it would still be valid in January. I guess she only needs to be there to apply for the certificate, but not necessarily when it is received (unless she would have to collect it herself). Police certificates are often sent through the post, so you could deal with it when it arrives.

    I can't say I have heard of people having extensions for providing documents. At one time I know people would submit what documents they had at the time and forward on any that were missing at a later date when they became available. However, I believe now that INZ would prefer to have everything submitted together at the same time, if it's possible.
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