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Thread: after the interview

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    Default after the interview

    Hello all,

    this is our current situation:

    - EOI Dec 2009
    - ITA Feb 2010
    - interview June 15th 2010
    - skilled migrant category
    - no job offer
    - own a house in NZ
    - living in New Zealand on a 9 month visitor's visa (expiring Oct 2010)

    As we are not receiving any answers from NZ immigration since our interview (is this normal?), we are a bit in the vague about what happens now:

    - how long on average is the wait from the time of the interview until the final verdict about permanent residency?
    - if we are granted PR or WTR in principle, how long does it take to get the actual visa so we can stay on NZ soil?

    We are of couse hoping we won't have to leave the country, and we'll get our visas before our NZ visitor's visas expire in October.

    Some additional questions:

    - if I get a job offer between now and October, will that change the way my application is treated, or is everything 'frozen' at the time of the interview?
    - if I get WTR in principle, how quickly can I start working?

    Thanks for your help!


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    As you already have an application for residency well under way, it's open to you to apply for an extra extension on your visitor permits, giving you up to 12 months in total. If you get a job offer in the meantime, let INZ know as it could well speed things up as they give priority to those with jobs to go to.

    If you get either PR in principle or WTR in principle, I would think you'd have to wait until the process is fully complete and you have your blue stickers in your passports before you can start work, unless you want to apply for a temporary work permit which will allow work before the residency issue comes through. I would hope it wouldn't be that much longer before things start to move again although it can depend on how busy the branch is that you are dealing with.
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    Default thanks

    Thanks MotherBear.

    We'll look into extending our 9 months visitor's visa for another 3 months!

    That should solve our immediate problems in case the verdict is delayed until past October.

    I reread my correspondence with immigration and they mention we would get an answer 'soon after the interview'. I'm guessing 'soon' means sometime under 6 months :)

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