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Thread: calling Parents? what to do?

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    Default calling Parents? what to do?

    Hi everyone,

    we finally got our PR In april 2010 back after 2 long years of the whole process from EOI to PR. Thanks everyone here for this great forum.
    Just a question, if any one could help?
    If I wish to call my mom from overseas to stay with me as she she is feeling very lonely after I left,

    what all options I have for the parent visa?
    when should I apply?

    What all are formalities?

    Any suggestion from you dear members will be extremly helpful.

    Many Thanks
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    Unfortunately you have a wait of 3 years before you can sponsor your mum as it's 3 years after getting PR. You can read about it here and here. Apart from that there are other requirements to overcome before you could apply to sponsor her e.g. she mustn't have more children outside NZ than in the country (refered to as the 'centre of gravity').

    Another alternative is the relatively new Parent Retirement Visa which involves investing a heap of money in the country and keeping it there to be able to stay.

    As a temporary measure, as you wait 3 years to qualify to sponsor your mum, you could look at this under the heading Multiple entry visitor’s visa for parents and grandparents of New Zealand citizens/residents. This allows the holder to go in and out of NZ for up to 18 months in a 3-year period but involves having a medical and character check. I believe it's valid for stays up to 6 months each time whereupon the holder leaves NZ and can either come back in again for another period up to 6 months or can stay out for longer and then return again for another period up to 6 months. This can continue until a total of 18 months inside NZ is used up and this takes place within the 3 year period.
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