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Thread: IELTS report expired in ITA duration

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    Unhappy IELTS report expired in ITA duration

    Dear All

    Good to see that all guys here are always willing to guide the others. I have been looking the forums from time to time . Now at this junture when i am ready to submit my ITA then i realized there still has a problem which i should consult with you guys . I believe that you would give me helpful advise.

    I got ITA on Feb 10,2010. Till now i am surving for collecting my Police Certificate , Medical Certificate . I will get these documents in next ten working days probably.

    I have one question about IELTS. I appeared for IELTS exams in May
    10,2008 and got the result on May 22,2008. As i am supposed to submit my all documents in four months which becomes June 10,2010. In their SM Policy they quoted

    "Test Report Form (no more than 2 years old at the time the application is lodged) from the International English Language Testing System (IELTS)"

    Do they raise any objection on my IELTS report ?
    If i submit my ITA with this IELTS then what do they do ?

    Motherbear / other guys .........................please HELPPP.
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    INZ might ask you to do another IELTS test as it looks like the one you have now may expire before you submit your ITA. Usually you are given 4 months to collect all your paperwork together and submit it, so you haven't got much time left. Perhaps, if you give INZ a call and ask them if you can still submit your IELTS test, they might decide it's OK although it would be out of date.
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    Hi Digerian,

    I was in the same situation as you. What I did was simply to expedite all my document collection activities and submitted the pack before the IELTS exam result expired. Prior to ITA obtained, after I submitted my EOI, I sent INZ an email notifying them that my IELTS exam result was going to expire and asking them to issue ITA to me quickly. But after ITA had been issued, the ball was practically in my court to expedite the documentation collection and submission.

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    Dear Pamela

    You are smarter then me. I got an invitation in Feb 2010. I was thinking that INZ would now consider the IELTS report by all means. Anyhow i am submitting my docs in couple of days with the same IELTS report and supporting letter from my university that all subject taught in English and other Certificate of English that i got from recognized Institute. I pray that they accept the same IELTS report.

    Thanks for your reply

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