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Thread: it really is happening now.

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    Default it really is happening now.

    arrived new zealand 2/9/08 with job offer in whangarei from uk on a work to residence visa with family.
    EOI submitted 16/11/09
    EOI decision successful 19/12/09
    ITA pack arrived 29/12/09
    ITA submitted 16/3/10
    ITA approved in principle 23/5/10

    now got letter today from immigration nz wanting our passports and migrant levy fee 24/5/10.they want proof of me and wife living we provide bills with our name and address on and bank statements and all that stuff? i thought we would be waiting months and months,but they were actually saying to me in the letter the quicker i send in the levy and passports the sooner the residence is ours.cant quite believe it,happening so fast.stories ive heard on this site about people waiting and waiting for there PRs.for us we are very fortunate

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    Wow! Congratulations!!!

    Yes, I would suggest that you send in letter address to both of you, utility bills, loan/mortgage letters from the bank etc.
    140 points, No job offer.
    EOI Selected - 7th Oct, 2009
    Decision Successful - 5th Nov, 2009
    ITA Received - 23rd Nov, 2009
    ITA Submitted - 9th Dec, 2009
    Case Officer Assigned - 23rd Nov, 2010

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    Well done, Davey! Sounds like they want you here quickly.

    Here are some examples of how to prove your relationship.

    Evidence about whether the partnership is genuine and stable* may include but is not limited to, original or certified copies of documents and any other information such as:

    a marriage certificate for the parties;
    a civil union certificate for the parties;
    birth certificates of any children of the parties;
    evidence of communication between the parties;
    photographs of the parties together;
    documents indicating public recognition of the partnership;
    evidence of the parties being committed to each other both emotionally and exclusively such as evidence of:
    joint decision making and plans together
    sharing of parental obligations
    sharing of household activities
    sharing of companionship/spare time
    sharing of leisure and social activities
    presentation by the parties to outsiders as a couple.
    evidence of being financially interdependent such as evidence of
    shared income
    joint bank accounts operated reasonably frequently over a reasonable time
    joint assets
    joint liabilities such as loans or credit to purchase real estate, cars, major home appliances
    joint utilities accounts (electricity, gas, water, telephone)
    mutually agreed financial arrangements.
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