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Thread: Please could somebody help me urgently

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    Default Please could somebody help me urgently

    We have checked our status online and it's been updated to APPROVED. However there is no expiry date which we know means that our visas have not been issued yet

    Does the approved mean that we will be getting our residency visas? or is it that just the application has been approved (which in our minds - once again means that we will be getting our visas)

    We are terrified to start celebrating in case we are wrong - please could somebody enlighten us. I don't think our nerves can take much more

    This is what the website reads

    Immigration Applications
    Below is a list of your pending and previous NZ Immigration applications:

    Visa/Permit Type Decision Application Number Lodgement Date Expiry Date
    Visa Residence APPROVED ****** 30 Mar 2010 -

    Thank you

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    I've previously read about people having 'Approved in Principal' first and the 'Approved' after that but, whatever, it looks pretty good for you, I would say . Let's hope someone who has already gone through the process can clarify.
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    Don't worry, that's normal. It was the same for me. You can choose (within reason) when you want the visa issued from - you will find out how when you get the official correspondence. They only add the date when your passport has actually been physically updated.



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