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Thread: Desperately Need Your Help/Suggestions

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    Default Desperately Need Your Help/Suggestions

    Hi everyone,

    I recently got the ITA and submitted my application to immigration.

    I have been assigned a case officer and she has asked for several questions.
    The problem is, am not familiar with all this and require your urgent help - please
    Here are the questions:

    - We note that your wife is presently living in the *country x* with your son. Please submit evidence to show that your relation is still ongoing, genuine and stable for more than 12 months and the reasons for them not being in NZ with you. You can include evidence of your joint bank account in *country x*, your transfer of money to your wife and contacts with the family.
    -----I do not have a joint account with my wife but have some forms showing western union money transfers to her over the last one and half years.
    -----what reason could possibly be good enough to explain why my family isn't here with me? (we initially didn't have enough money for this and I wanted to settle before bringing them over but this reason doesn't sound good to me - what would you tell the case officer?)

    I have also been asked to repeat liver function master / renal function master tests. Am told my current tests show abnormal results in the total protein level and GRF calc level.
    ---Has any of you experienced the same? Is this something that could work against me?

    Thanks for reading and I look forward to your suggestions.


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    It would be best to be honest with INZ and tell them why your family didn't come to NZ with you. I guess you just wanted to establish yourself in NZ first and get some money behind you before bringing them here. That is a reasonable answer. If you have any letters or other forms of communciation between you, like emails, copies of MSN messenger conversations, birthdays cards etc. over a period of time, that would show that you have kept in touch as a family man. You could get some letters from friends stating that they know you as a couple and that your relationship is a genuine one. Below you will find a list of suggestions for proving your relationship although it is more difficult when you have been living apart, but it might give you some ideas. The Western Union money transfers would be a good start.

    a marriage certificate for the parties;
    a civil union certificate for the parties;
    birth certificates of any children of the parties;
    evidence of communication between the parties;
    photographs of the parties together;
    documents indicating public recognition of the partnership;
    evidence of the parties being committed to each other both emotionally and exclusively such as evidence of:
    joint decision making and plans together
    sharing of parental obligations
    sharing of household activities
    sharing of companionship/spare time
    sharing of leisure and social activities
    presentation by the parties to outsiders as a couple.
    evidence of being financially interdependent such as evidence of
    shared income
    joint bank accounts operated reasonably frequently over a reasonable time
    joint assets
    joint liabilities such as loans or credit to purchase real estate, cars, major home appliances
    joint utilities accounts (electricity, gas, water, telephone)
    mutually agreed financial arrangements.

    We have had several people who have had to repeat liver function tests in the past, some with fatty livers, and I think they were OK with a change in diet etc. Not sure about the renal function test though. Perhaps the doctor can advise you about change in diet that would help? The outcome of the repeat tests depends on how your body can improve itself. Try searching on here for 'liver' or 'function' and see if that brings up some old threads about this.
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