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Thread: What do they check on the medical? + How do you get a police check?

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    Default What do they check on the medical? + How do you get a police check?

    out of curiosity
    if you have to submit a medical, what do they check?
    is it things like a blood test and blood pressure etc

    Just want to know incase i get lucky soon, as then i will hit the gym harder to ensure i'm in tip top shape

    Is that medical done at any doctors or some NZ immigration specialist?

    and what about the chest X ray, how do you request one of them if your ok?

    Also if your from the UK, is the police check a CRB check? like when you apply for certain jobs?

    How do you get one of them and how much is it?

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    Hi Kazz,

    Medicals outside NZ must be done by a panel doctor specifically authorised by INZ for this purpose. Try putting your nearest town/city or United Kingdom in the search box and it should take you somewhere near to where you need to be. Inside NZ they can be done by any GP. I had hoped to give you the link for the medical and X-ray forms, but it looks like the link is broken. You could then have gone through it to see exactly what they are checking for. I would say that the medical is quite strict and extensive. There should be no problem getting an X-ray done because you would have the forms for immigration with you, which should be enough to tell them why you are there.

    This tells you about applying for a police certificate in the UK. Click on the link and it will take you into the site. It costs about 35 GBP for a certificate.
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