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Thread: job Opportunities in NZ

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    Default job Opportunities in NZ

    Dear all

    about job Opportunities in NZ

    what is the Occupations that job seeker can find it fast in NZ? or What are the most available jobs in New Zealand in 2010? .
    Is INZ service help new migrants to find job fast ?


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    Hi Ahamed,

    I don't think INZ will assist you in your job hunt, that's entirely up to us.
    Perhaps you could check out some of the NZ job sites and then perhaps you will be able to form an idea on which jobs are in demand?

    Good Luck!
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    Default ICT job Opportunities

    do you think it's easy to find job in ICT field


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    Hi Ahmad,

    I've been monitoring the NZ ICT job situation. From what I've seen there is reasonable demand for people with C# and .NET experience at the moment. Unfortunately, most of the vacancies state that you must already have a permit to work in New Zealand, so that isn't much use unless you already have a working visa.

    I've never considered that it is easy to get a job worth having in any country, although people who are in the right place at the right time sometimes walk straight in to employment. It all depends on your skills, previous experience and lots of other factors such as enthusiasm and ability to work with other people.

    There's also a bit of luck and/or persistence involved. Checking out the vacancies advertised on the web was a good suggestion.


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