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Thread: WTR - Music Teacher (Private Tuition)

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    Default WTR - Music Teacher (Private Tuition)

    Is anyone out there can help me figure this out?

    Music Teacher (Private Tuition) which is listed in the skill job in Immigration Apendix 11.

    Is anyone know how to show INZ the job offer on Private Tuition? because private tuition doesnt have an employer. So what should i show to INZ?

    I'm holding ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) Grade 6 Piano Forte and Theory.
    currently, teaching private lesson for kids and beginner adults.

    Currently with WTR visa.

    Any advice will be appreciated.

    Thank you

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    Good point! If you work for yourself, do you have a company name that you are known by and could use this?
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    I am only guessing here maybe you could show them the books if you have them
    with the number of students etc

    I is very easy to register a company of you need one and list yourself as a director takes about 30m minutes Companies Office The Official Site — HomePage
    then the company would need to get an IRD number and a bank account etc etc but its not that hard at all

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    I agree that this is a tricky situation for you. Showing a client list or prospective client list would help. Also, showing you have contacts in the business both for referrals and showing other ways you will get clients will help. Perhaps you will like insurance and real estate agents "buy the client list" off someone who is retiring or resigning?
    You may not have to show there is a need for your skills if it is on the list but you probably have to show how you will be found by those in need and maybe show that you can run the business and support yourself?

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