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Thread: What happens to my wife when I get student visa?

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    Question What happens to my wife when I get student visa?

    Hi, I have never been on a forum before so bear with me!

    I am going to NZ in December this year (2010) and hoping to start a Graduate Diploma in Viticulture at Lincoln Uni in Feb 2011. I know that I need a student visa and my wife will fill in INZ 1146 form but it doesnt make it clear whether she will be able to work? She is a registered nurse and would ideally like to work part time for a nursing agency as she will be looking after our 16 month old son.

    Also, we hope to travel around NZ for a few months before we start the course but I don't know if I will have enought time on my student visa.

    We should meet all requirements financially, health etc, my sister is a resident Kiwi too and lives in Auckland with her kiwi husband but I just want to try and clear things up!!

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks

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    Hi Gmaxwell. Welcome to Move to NZ.

    Your wife should be granted a work permit as being the appropriate visa type if she is getting one 'off your back' so to speak. As family members can't be included on your student visa application, they need to apply for their own visas i.e. work visas for spouses/partners, student visas for children of school age or, I believe, visit visas for children under school age. These visas should be valid for the duration of your student visa. Although your wife will be granted a work visa, it doesn't mean she HAS to work. It's just a way of giving her a valid visa during her stay in NZ.

    I guess, if you are entering the country on a student visa, the intention is that you will study. If you want to travel you may need to get a visit visa before or after your course of study. How long is your course? If it was long enough to stretch over a summer in NZ, perhaps you could go travelling during the long summer holidays?
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    Default ...nursing in NZ

    Hi there,

    Just wanted to help you with some info re your wife and nursing. If she wants to work as a nurse in NZ she should allow enough time to get registered with the NZ NUrsing Council.(up to 1 year sometimes)..she should have a look on the homepage Nursing Council of New Zealand

    otherwise she could also work as a nurse aid until she is registered...that s what lots of people do, and the good news there are many nursing agencys out there, there is always work:) for nurses.

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