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    My wife, kids and myself are looking to emigrate to New Zealand and have just started the emigration process. My wife is currently studying for a nursing degree and is in her 2nd year. I am a joiner and am joint owner of a family run Company here in Scotland.
    Considered moving around 11 years ago but circumstances made this impossible at the time.
    Wont let this happen again and intent on going this time. Looking for any advice or help on any aspect of emmigration.
    With 22 years experience in the trade what sort of doors would that open for me in the New Zealand Construction industry?

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    Welcome to MTNZ and congratulations on having a second go at immigrating to NZ although I would think the various policies and requirements will be a bit different now after 11 years. I can imagine it will be harder to get in now than it was at that time.

    To begin with you would need to look at whether your job skills are currently in demand in NZ because this is what gets you in the door and allows you to stay long term. This is a Review of the Essential Skills in Demand Lists. Take a look on the LTSSL and the ISSL links to see if your job title appears on there. Some jobs have been put on the lists and some have been taken off so they rarely stay the same. If your job title isn't on one of the lists then you could look at getting a job offer with an accredited employer which is a company that has been approved to take on overseas employees. There are other ways of getting into NZ e.g. getting a job offer and applying for a work visa but that will only allow you to stay in NZ temporarily. Alternatively, as you have been involved in running your own company in the UK, you could consider a Long Term Business Visa which would permit you to run a company for a couple of years and then, if successful, you could go on to apply for residency. Having many years of job experience is never a bad thing and should stand you in good stead when applying for a job but, the bottom line is that if your job skill isn't on one of the skills in demand lists, it won't automatically get you residency.

    At one point anyone involved in the building trade was very much sought after but, since the recession, the building trade has dropped off somewhat and some skills have been removed from the in demand lists. Because of this, I have an idea that joiner isn't on the shortage lists any more although I think it was a while back, but once your wife qualifies as a nurse I'm sure her skills will be in demand although she would first need to be registered with the Nursing Council. I'm not sure if she would need to have any previous work experience as well, but perhaps 1happywoman could answer this one when she next looks in.
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