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Thread: Hi everyone!

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    Default Hi everyone!

    Thought id introduce myself. My names chauntelle and i hope to move to NZ. After a few years of trying my fiance has persuaded me to look into it. its beautiul and looks great. We are going on a 3 month trip to NZ to give us a taste of what lifes really like.CANT WAIT
    The thought of uping and moving our 3 kids aged 8,6 and almost 2, is quite scary but also exciting.
    I will be asking lots of questions into visas and areas ect over the next few months so appologies in advance lol.
    To get me started though i wondered how the best way is to get a visa? Neither of us can come in on the job lists. my other half is an outdoor instructor and im a nail technician and training in beauty.
    My thought would be for one or both of us to find a job there and apply for visa whilst working or have i got this wrong?

    Its great to find such a friendly forum of people just hope everyones this lovely when we get to NZ and then we wont want to leave

    Chauntelle x

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    Welcome to the forum Chauntelle.

    Getting into NZ long term is quite tricky unless you fit all the criteria. The main way people get in is through the Skilled Migrant Category and having essential skills in demand. If you haven't got a job skill that is on either the Long Term Skill Shortage List or the Immediate Skill Shortage List, one other way you could try to get in is by getting a job offer from an Accredited employer. These people have been approved by INZ to employ overseas applicants.

    Although some people may get a job offer with skills that aren't on the shortage lists and manage to get a work permit, that doesn't mean that they can automatically go on to apply for permanent residency. They can only stay and work in NZ for as long as their work permit allows. INZ is very picky about who they let in as permanent residents because they only want the cream of the crop i.e. those with specific skills that NZ is short of.

    This is the sort of check that you need to look at to decide if you fit the bill to apply under the SMC but I guess, if you already know your job skills aren't included on any shortage lists, that would be a definite disadvantage. Other long term visas that are available are the Long Term Business Visa which leads on to the Entrepreneur Policy. Then there is the Migrant Investment Policy which involves handing over a lot of money. They don't make it easy, I'm afraid.
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