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    Default Hallo there

    Hi everyone

    I'm new!

    My name is Karen, we are from Bloemfontein, South Africa. Our Permanent residency application was successfull, we had our final interview on the 5th of November in Pretoria. According to the case officer, the visa will be issued within the next 6 months.

    My husband is in Agriculture (completing his PhD in Animal Breeding) and I am in Private Practice as a Physiotherapist. First baby on the way, if the paperwork works out right, he/she might arrive on NZ soil.

    We decided to move to NZ in 2007 already, all this was post-poned due to the long tedious process of getting physiotherapy registration. Finally, that was granted, and we could do our EOI. Medicals, police clearance and IELTS followed, and now we are just awaiting our visas. Whew!

    Would love to meet other South Africans in the process of immigrating, or any others who could share valueble information/experience.

    We are excited about the move. NZ is a beautiful country. Need to sell the practice, house, etc and tie up a few ends, hopefully soon!

    Be blessed

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    Hi Karen, welcome to MTNZ. Congratulations on your forthcoming little kiwi and also on getting your PR.

    I'm sure we have a few South Africans here on the forum so I hope they pop in to say 'Hi' to you.

    Good luck with getting all your bits and pieces tied up before you go to NZ.
    Mother Bear

    Try to bloom wherever you are planted.

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    Hey Karen.My husband and I are also from Bloemfontein.we went for our interview in Pretoria on 9 November.So strange that our things seem to be so familiar!Our visa officer said that once they receive payment for our migrant levy,it'll take a week to put into our passports and then hopefully they send it to us.I hope we don't have to wait 6months!!We're busy organizing shipping,so let me know if you know of anyone to use.At this moment,we're going to use Execu move.We don't have alot to ship,mainly clothes.Good luck with everything!So nice to hear someone from Bloem is also going to NZ:)

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    Sorry to break into your thread Karen, but I just wanted to say "hi" to you and GettingReady.

    My family and I are also in South Africa, Midrand (Gauteng) to be more precise. We are a little behind you both in the PR process having submitted our ITA at the end of Aug this year. We were fortunate to be able to go for our interview on the 2nd Nov in Pta, but are waiting for a CO to be assigned as we dont have any job offer. We are applying with my wife as principal applicant (her name is Karen too ) as she is an ECE teacher. We have three young children along for the ride too. We still need to sell our house, but otherwise are ready to move asap.

    Well congratulations to both of you on getting your PR, hope to be in the same boat soon.

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