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Thread: should i stay or should i go????

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    Exclamation should i stay or should i go????

    Hi everyone

    im currently thinking about moving to NZ in 2011...quite a while away i know but thought id get things planned to avoid rushing and uncertainty etc. Also i am waiting till then to finish my uni course.

    I would welcome any information regarding where would be the best place to go: i am studying business management so ideally i would like to gain employment in a bank or a large organisation. Also would it help to have some relevant experience to gain such employment?

    Also any past experiences would be great cos im so confused with all the info out there on the internet i just wana pack my bags and leave!!!! however, the thought of leaving what ive always known terrifies me so quite unsure whether to make the move or not :S

    thanks, clare

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    Welcome to the forum, Clare.

    I guess where you would go in NZ would depend on where you could find a job. Probably the big cities would be a good place to start, as there would obviously be more opportunities. It would certainly help your immigration application and chances of finding work if you had some relevant work experience under your belt. In some cases, previous work experience is required.

    Have you looked at the various categories of visa yet to decide which one you would apply under?
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