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Thread: Hello from Sunny South Africa

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    Default Hello from Sunny South Africa

    Hi Everyone

    I realized that I never introduced myself and have already posted a few comments on this forum I joined this forum in January 2009.

    I'm so glad that I stumbled across this website, because it has been so helpful!!
    My husband and I are from Bloemfontein, South Africa. We submitted our EOI in November 2008, it got accepted 2 weeks later and we received our ITA package 2 weeks after that. We then submitted our ITA to the London branch in March 2009 and got a case officer assigned to our application some time in June 2009. We have just been notified that 2 case officers will be coming down to SA to interview us on 09 November 2009. So hold thumbs that from now on this process moves a little bit quicker.

    Both my husband and I studied Human Resources, and my husband has a job in Human Resources, but I have a job at a Clinical Research Organization doing Data Analysis. Once we're in NZ (hopefully), my husband will still like to go into HR, but I would love to study Early Childhood Education. Otherwise, if this isn't an option for me, I will also have to look for a job in HR, although I have no experience. Luckily, my husbands brother lives in NZ and we will be able to stay with him and we also have friends that live there!

    I have lived in Bloemfontein, SA, my whole life, so I am a little nervous for this transition as my family are all here. I am just really excited though and can't wait to go to NZ to start a new life and explore all that NZ has to offer. I think my husband and I will be able to flourish there and really start enjoying life, as we're really struggling to 'live' here.

    Well, that's about it from my side and I look forward to seeing more helpful hints and tips. Thanks once again to everyone!
    Getting Ready....

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    An official welcome to the forum, Getting Ready. Glad to know a bit about your background and have you alongside us on this challenging but, hopefully, rewarding journey downunder. Good luck with it all.
    Mother Bear

    Try to bloom wherever you are planted.

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