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Thread: Hi from Oxfordshire :)

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    Default Hi from Oxfordshire :)


    I'm coming out to NZ in about 26 days and I am sooo excited!

    Whats the weather like Auckland way about now? I'm deep in packing lists!

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    Try these sites:
    September Weather Averages for Auckland New Zealand
    New Zealand Climate - Travel Planner Auckland - WeatherOnline
    and a local forecast site:
    Auckland - New Zealand - yesterday today tomorrow forecasts tides sun rise set moon uv - Weather

    NZ weather is very changeable within a moderate range. Because it is not influenced by a continent, the seasons are less extreme, and less consistent. Summer is not as hot, and winter is not as cold, and warm and cool days will occur throughout the year. There are many warm days in summer, and a few hot ones, but the odd cool day as well.

    The idea of packing away winter or Summer clothing when the season is "over" is rather alien to Kiwis.

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    Hi Radient ... only 26 days! Very exciting, but can remember those last few days in the UK as though they were yesterday.

    I can't help you with Auckland weather, but here in CHCH there is definately a feeling of Spring in the air ... and today is a shirt and jumper day - no need for a coat

    Evenings are still cool - but we had no fire last night, and it was reasonably confortable.
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    Hi, welcome to the site. I'm sure you will love NZ!

    I know how you feel with the packing lists, I did the same thing in April this year. I live in Auckland and the weather today is gorgeous, it's really warm and sunny. I'm wearing flipflops, a pair of cut offs and a vest top with a thin shirt over the top. We have had a lot of rain over the last week, but the floor never seems to be that wet the next morning which is bizarre!
    However, like eople space said, it is changable, when I got here it was just turning to winter, so I brought a jacket and a couple of hoodies with me but I didn't need to wear them everyday. Sometimes it was warm enough for no jacket and just a t shirt. The winter's here are much milder than England which is one thing I love!

    Where abouts in Auckland are you moving to?

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    Thanks for the warm welcome and the weather help!

    I'm not moving out for definate yet - I have a Working Holiday Visa and I'm going to tour the North Island until Christmas, then visit Oz for January and then come back for the South Island early next year.

    I want to get a feel for the place, and see whereabouts I would like to live there. I'm not quite ready to settle down yet though, I've only just graduated and I'm on the lookout for work opportunities as well.

    This trip has been a year in the planning, I am so excited I cannot stop thinking about every little detail, all the time!


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