Hello everyone,
I have actually introduced myself before I think (year or two) but have not been on since so thought I would introduce myself again.

I'm a mum of two children one aged six and the other three and are married.
My husband and I and children moved two years ago to Perth and while things were really hard for the first year as far as missing family it has got easier and we have come to a great place to get ahead BUT It's now time to think about going home we said we would be here for two years and now we have we want to go back to our place of birth and to family.
There is just one thing stopping us and that is the fear of "are we doing the right thing"? Its such a hard question to know we know what our hearts tell us but we don't want to be struggling with work.Before we left plastering was not so much in demand .So here I am on here hoping someone can tell me what the job front is like in the building industry my husband is a plasterer and we would like to be living North of Auckland (Orewa,Warkworth)...Can anyone tell us if plasterers are kept busy and that there is enough work?