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    Hi all, my name is John and I am an Ex Kiwi Pat living in the US.

    As most of you know the economy is hard hit here at the moment, and the CO. the wife and I worked for closed down

    However, it has supplied the motivation needed to pack-up my wonderful American wife and four kids and move them home to NZ. We have just finished our medicals and are currently waiting for our FBI rap sheet to come in, then our Immigration Pack is ready to send off to Washington DC.

    I cant wait for my Parents to meet my kids and for my kids to start growing up as kiwis. We are looking forward to this adventure of our lifetimes.

    I just wanted to say HI! and good luck to all others currently going through the process

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    Welcome to MTNZ John. Looks like the recession has worked in your favour and will give your family a chance to experience a new kind of life downunder.

    Good luck to you all for a happy future being reunited with your kiwi family and also for the application process. Hope it all goes smoothly.
    Mother Bear

    Try to bloom wherever you are planted.

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    Welcome to the forum, here's hoping all your plans go smoothly for ya

    Stick around and keep us updated

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