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Thread: Hello from Slovenia - Europe

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    Default Hello from Slovenia - Europe

    First of all, a big hug from me and my wife Suzy for all of you, down under from so called "mediterranian". We are thinkin about moving to NZ and searching for various info.

    To begin with, I would put two questions:
    1. Is it really waste of time to do the immigration process by our self and is it really better to let the migration agency do the job?
    2. Is the NZ education scale similar/the same as in EU?

    For example... After primary school (8 years) and 4 years of Middle schol (High school) I am finishing diploma at the University study (4 years) - IT & T. Is it comparable to NZ education system?

    Thank you for your help in advance.
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    Hi PJ!!

    Welcome to the forum!! :))

    I think you can very well do the process on your own!
    Get all your information together and it will safe you a lot of money.

    I haven't gone to school here so don't know too much about the school system here. But i assume it s pretty similar to ours in europe

    Good luck on your journey :)
    What are you studying? are you going to apply under the skilled scheme?
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    Hi PJ.

    I don't know much about the education system in NZ but maybe you can find some information on here if you go to Education Related Sites.

    As Kiaora says, you would save a lot of money by completing the immigration process yourself. If you employed an agent or consultant to do it for you, you would still end up having to collect all your documentation together. There is only so much they could do for you. If your case was a difficult one, it might be worth having someone act for you but, otherwise, you can do it with the help of free sources like these forums.
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    Thank You for Your response. It is really nice to feel welcome to the community, even web based. As I mentioned before, we were thinking of skilled migrant scheme. I took some online tests and ranked from 140 to 160 points. Compared to tests for Australia immigration, where I managed o collect 135.

    To answer about study. Probably the translation will not be exact, but... At the Universiy of Maribor - Faculty of Organization Science I have studied "IT & T in organizations and management". Hope it is quite self explanatory.

    Well, despite doing well (average grade 8.2 out of 10) I had to work to study and... after some time... there was only work. I have benn working as a SW developer / SW Architect for last 9 years. I've seen one of you lived in Germany. I lived there for six months in 2006 also, developing SW for Audi A5 production line in Ingolstadt.

    Late time (after almost half of decade) I am thinking of closing my duties at the university (write a diploma) and move down under... Simply because of some kind of "nervous" life style in "mother EU" I want to avoid. Because of not being greedy, NZ suits to me well, as far as I could findout till now. I love doing my job, so money is not the only stimulation from an employee.

    Besides Slovenian, Serbian and Croatian, I speak (and write) English and German pretty well. So, what are my chances to prove myself in NZ in your opinion?

    Yet another question... Are there any NZ "developer bulletin' board systems", where SW developers chit-chatting about their problems and approaches, to get a picture what would my job be about?

    By the way... We are 11 hrs apart. That is the reason of my posting at "impossible" time. It is quarter to 8 PM in most of EU at the moment... And "tomorrow" early in the morning in NZ.
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    Hi PJ,

    nice to see countryfellow here.

    We were in same position when we started, also my qualification is in same area as yours. We have assessed our degrees with NZQA, passed IELTS and recently we have been issued ITA.

    Be careful when claiming points in your EOI, specially bonus points for absolute shortage skills. If your qualification assessment does not comply with their policy they won't recognise any of your points claimed for work experience as Slovenia is considered not to be comparable labour market to New Zealand. As you will need a proof of work experience (even for NZQA) you should be careful what is stated there (as they will link your qualification with work experience). And remember all documentation has to be officially translated to English. Only the paperwork up to the ITA stage cost us over 1k. I guess now with ITA issued this cost will be at least double.

    Regarding NZ school system, I believe they start with age of 5 (when child turns 5, not like here, so he may start schooling in the middle of the school year). Primary school ends at Year 8 and secondary school at Year 13. The last two years of primary school are frequently taken at a separate intermediate school instead of at a primary school, leaving 'contributing' primary schools to end at Year 6. Some areas though have 'full' primary schools which go to year 8. Outside of the following categories, many private schools, state area schools and state integrated schools take students from Years 0 to 13, or Years 7 to 13. But as I was informed about 80% of the kids there go to public (state) school as they are same (or sometimes even higher) quality then private.


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