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    This isn't my first post, but it's my first that I don't have any questions for. I placed my EOI in September, was accepted in October with 110 points, submitted my ITA March 19, had my interview two weeks ago and got my approval yesterday. The passports are on their way back, and now I need to sell my house and tidy up such loose ends.

    I'm hoping to get out of here in October at the latest (the wife got pregnant between the interview and hearing the result, so we don't want her to be too far along when we travel). I've started applying to a few jobs, but most don't like the idea of hiring someone that can't be there for at least a month.

    We are headed to Auckland and will rent for a little there. We'd like to stay around there because there are some good universities and the wife will be attending for art and design once we get settled and the newborn will allow. Also, since I'm traveling there without a job, there are more opportunities there.

    I'm in IT (I do everything except programming and DB work), so finding work shouldn't be that hard, and even though I enjoy the tech side, I have an MBA and manager experience, so if I have to I can slum it and work as a manager. But we'll be traveling jobless and relying on my ability to quickly land a good job. I'll probably be posting in the job threads sooner to the date.

    We are leaving the US. We currently reside in Alaska, but she is from Idaho and I'm from Texas. I'm a little grumbly about the way the US has been handling things, so I've been looking for a better place to live, and having visited NZ thought that would be a good place. Some people have thought that it may be because of the current president, but those that know about the pains of immigration know that such decisions are not made lightly, nor quickly. I only waited this long because of the points. My undergrad was in psychology, so despite the fact I have 10+ years documented in IT, I couldn't count any of them as being in IT. My choice was to go back to school for an IT degree, or get a masters, and so I got a masters and that got me the points I needed.

    So, that's my story. We will be on our way soon, and though it seems many here settle outside Auckland, I'll be headed for the big city, at least initially, unless I find a good job before I leave that is somewhere else.


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    A good introduction, Marc. You may find you have more success with job hunting when you're already in NZ as potential employers tend to perform better on a face-to-face basis as they know you have committed yourself to living and working in NZ because you have made the financial investment to travel there. When they interview someone from overseas, there is always the chance that person might decide not to move to NZ after all and the employer will have to start over again looking for someone.

    Good luck with the job search!
    Mother Bear

    Try to bloom wherever you are planted.

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    All the best Marc, on your new life and baby

    Alaska, wow, one of the places ive always fancied seeing, looks beautiful
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    Eh, just visit the south island ;)

    We have glaciers, Fijords, and remote areas. The main difference is that we have about as many people as are on the south island spread out over an area about 10 times as large. And yes, our winters are more harsh.

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    Smile Alaska to New Zealand

    Hey, Marc, just wanted to see how things are going for you and see if you made it over to NZ yet? We are also moving to NZ from Alaska - Tok, AK to be exact - My husband worked for Alaska State Forestry and is working towards getting a job with the DOC in NZ. We are going over with our PR, but do not have jobs yet. (We also have found that it is really important to be there in person.)

    When is your baby due? I'm sure you are very excited to be having the baby in NZ, it will be a wonderful experience for you guys, I'm sure.

    Well, I just wanted to see how things were going for you guys. Just wanted to encourage you as you journey on your adventure.....Namaste


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