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    hi guys.
    My name is Martin married to Amanda with our daughter Hayley 16 and Jazz the springer spaniel.
    I'm a 36 year old carpenter and Amanda is a pre-school manager. We are at the stage now of looking for jobs we registered with New Life New Zealand last year and we are now document ready.Started applying for jobs this week but i know it may be difficult as carpenters have been taken off the skills shortage list but i am still hopefull, any advice gratefully received.


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    Hi Martin, welcome to MTNZ.

    The changes to the skill shortage lists must have thrown quite a few people off their course. The fact that a lot of kiwis are said to be heading home during these difficult times isn't helping potential migrants to find jobs either but, I guess, as it's their country, they have the right to apply for whatever jobs are going and the government is helping bring this about.

    I do hope you manage to find a job but, because your job skill has been removed from the shortages lists, your best bet would be to try to get a job with an accredited employer as that could be one way left to you to get into NZ via the Work to Residence route.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on.
    Mother Bear

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    Welcome Martin and good luck Keep us posted.

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