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Thread: Hello, Just looking a bit of advice please.

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    Default Hello, Just looking a bit of advice please.

    Hi there, I've been reading through the threads and everyone seems very friendly and willing to offer advice.

    My wife and I are hoping to immigrate to NZ.
    We are coming over from Belfast in November and I was wondering if it will be possible for us to come as visitors on a normal British passport, try and get a job offer, and then apply for a work visa?

    My wife has over 20 years of experience as a Senior Sales & Marketing Manager for the leading newspaper in Northern Ireland and we are hoping this will get us into New Zealand.

    I'd really appreciate any advice, information, or opinions.

    Cheers folks.

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    Hi Al and welcome aboard.

    Many people have gone to NZ on visit visas to look for work although it's not advisable to let immigration know as you enter the country. In their eyes visit visas are for holidaying rather than work-related matters, but this doesn't stop hundreds of job-seekers coming in this way. It has to be said that there are risks with this, especially at the moment when jobs are thin on the ground, but if you're prepared to take a chance, then go for it.

    What you need to know beforehand is whether your wife's job skills are on the 'most wanted' lists. To be able to gain residency she needs to have a job skill that there is a shortage of in NZ.

    Getting a work permit would be fine short term but, if you want to stay in NZ permanently, you would need to progress on to a residency application. You could look at the links on this previous thread. If your wife's job title is on the LTSSL or the ISSL she could go straight for residency or Work to Residency. If she finds a job quickly and needs to start work, she could apply for a work permit which will run alongside any residency application. It will allow her to start work immediately it is granted, whereas a residency application will take a lot longer to come through.
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