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Thread: New Zealand or Australia

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    Default New Zealand or Australia

    Hi everyone. It looks like most of you on this site are British Expats in NZ, I hope that as an Australian, I won't be out of place.

    My family and I are thinking about making the move. We currently live in the US. The US is in my opinion, not the right place to raise our kids. My 2daughters and I are Australian citizens and my wife is American(former Australian Permanent Resident). We've considered moving back to Australia many times, but we're not rich, and Australia has gotten too expensive and more violent than I remember.

    We recently found out that New Zealand was a possibility through the Trans Tasman Agreement (TTA). New Zealand looks great after extensive research, but there are a couple of things that concern us:

    We've never been to New Zealand other than Auckland Airport, and can't afford to go for a visit. We are considering going there site unseen, and with my wife as an Australian Permanent Resident. She would have to get her residency, we would fly to Australia to say Hello, then on to New Zealand within a couple weeks.

    Is there anyone in the forum who went to New Zealand without visiting first and without jobs?

    Is it easy to find cheap, short-term accomodation?

    And do any of you know how easy or difficult immigration, through the TTA, is on new arrivals from Australia who say that they want to stay permanently?
    Especially Australian Permanent Residents.

    I'm sorry for throwing in questions that probably should have their own threads in different forums, but hope you don't mind.

    Thanks for letting me ask.

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    Hi Ziggy!

    Welcome to the forum!!

    I am German but have lived in Sydney for 4years (aged 19-23) before I moved to Auckland.
    I had only been to the South Island before for 2 weeks so had no idea what the North Island would be like..
    I personally am much happier in NZ than I ever was in OZ, but that s probably down to having my partners family here whereas in OZ I didn't have any family at all.

    If your wife is a Permanent resident of OZ then she wouldn't need a visa to come to NZ at all! Australian citizens and permanent residents can both live and work here permanently.

    I think you should come to NZ before you decide to move your family here first!
    Every place here is so different and it will depend on your job and lifestyle which place would suit your family best

    Good luck with the move!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by kiaora!! View Post
    I think you should come to NZ before you decide to move your family here first!
    Kiaora....You are probably right. It's a big move. I'm going to look into making a trip over, though it may mean delaying the move so that we can recoup the $$$$ outlay for the visit. Still it would be the wise way to approach this.

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    Hi Ziggy and welcome to the forum. Whatever nationality you are you're very welcome on here.

    If you find taking the whole family to NZ for a recce would be too hard on your funds, perhaps you could go there alone, ahead of the others, to check out whether it would be a suitable place for you all to settle. Take a camera so you can record the event to share with those back home and give them some idea of what the place is like. Many people go to NZ without first having a recce, but it is always a risk unless everyone in the family is very adaptable and likely to settle wherever you go.

    You could check out accommodation online before you travel but take care that you choose carefully because not every hotel/motel is up to scratch.
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