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Thread: Moving to NZ in Spring on 2010!

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    Wink Moving to NZ in Spring on 2010!

    Hi! My name's Erika and my husband and I are planning to make the move to NZ next Spring from our home in Missouri (US).

    I'm currently a grad student, getting my Master's in counseling psychology and my goal is to finish school and get a job in NZ working in the Mental Health field. My husband is an architecture student and plans on seeking acceptance at Victoria University (Wellington NZ) or the University of Auckland to continue his architectural studies.

    I've done a lot of homework on making the move, but am mostly stuck with timing issues at this point. My biggest problem is that I won't graduate school until next May, which is right about when we need to move. BUT, this precludes me from getting registered as an intern psychologist until AFTER I complete my degree. This makes the timing of applying for immigration super tricky. Do I job search early and try to get a position and apply for immigration and THEN finish school, get registered and look for a better job? Or what? It's a bit confusing so I'm still reading up on the matter.

    Regardless, we hope to make NZ our new home and look forward to the moving adventure! If you have any helpful advice about moving to NZ from the US, working in the mental health sector there (counselors, psychologists, etc) or having a baby in NZ (we're working on it!) let me know!



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    Hi Erika! Welcome to MTNZ.

    I think you would have to complete your schooling before you apply to immigrate. They will need to see that you have finished and passed your course before taking you seriously, probably because some people don't actually finish their courses. When you finish the course, you could always look for a job in NZ and, if successful, apply for a work visa if you want to get to NZ quickly, without waiting for residency to come through. Residency will take several months anyway. If you need to apply for registration in NZ before you can work as an intern psychologist, then you will need to do this first (after you have passed your course) so that, if you find a job, you can start work with all your papers intact.
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