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Thread: Excited for the change.

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    Default Excited for the change.

    Hello Everyone,

    Thought I would introduce myself as new to the site. I am a 31 year old women who is blishfully happily married to her 32 year old hubbie Steven. We have been together for 3 years.
    Since being together we have wanted to move to New Zealand but life was getting in the way and something was just holding us back. As life does --things changed and we have now decided that ITS TIME.

    I am a police officer and hoping to transfer into the police and Steven has roofing as a trade but would like to get into the police once we are in NZ.

    We are both excited and nervous about moving to NZ but we truely believe that we will have such a better life there.

    There are things that we need advice on to assist us on our way like Can I bring my pet rabbit with me? Where is the best place to live? Etc etc So many questions going around my head. Makes you think ---- where do I start? Its such a challenge but its making me feel alive at the thought of it.

    I would love to hear from anyone who has some good advice, good websites to look at etc. It will all help on our mission & eventually will look forward to joining you in NZ.

    Thanks for reading -- Claire

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    Hi Claire.

    I've posted a few answers to your queries on your other thread.
    Mother Bear

    Try to bloom wherever you are planted.

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