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Thread: So, moving to Whangarei in May, advice on what I need to do please!

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    Lightbulb So, moving to Whangarei in May, advice on what I need to do please!

    Hi, anyone who's been in my shoes please help. I've moved twice before across the world, first from Malaysia to Trinidad, then Trinidad to the UK. But now I'm making my first grown up move, ie. with personal possessions etc. and leaving a mortgaged flat behind me.Advice on anything and ecerything would be appreciated and even revered! To date:
    1.I have a job! Start date June 8th '09.
    2.I've got PSS, Crown and Robinson's on my mover's shortlist
    3.I've got an agency to let my flat, and permission to let from the mortgage company
    4. I have scoped ticket prices for when I would like to be in NZ, which is Mid May, to give me some breathing space between travelling and starting work
    5. I haven't gotten rid of the dear old banger yet, but I will hopefully offload it at the last minute to one of the online 'get rid of your car' sites.
    6. Have on my list to contact insurance companies for no claims confirmation letters.
    Have a few other things on my list, but starting to fret as there's so much to do and so very little time!!
    Hope that wise people read and respond with pearls of wisdom to this plea for guidance!


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    Welcome Connie!

    Take a look through here and see if there's anything on there that might be useful to you. Clicking on the link in the thread will take you to more threads about making the move.

    Good luck.
    Mother Bear

    Try to bloom wherever you are planted.

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    Thanks very much. I have actually been visiting this forum as a guest for inspiration on things to do, and I thought joining would be a good idea, and I was right.
    I am a list-maker, but everytime I look at my list, it seems to be bigger, and I can't seem to get to the end if it. Mad pixies are adding to my list while I sleep I think!

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