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Thread: Student with Bad BMI and no local NZIO

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    Default Student with Bad BMI and no local NZIO

    Hi Everyone

    Iím new to the forum and this is my first post. I first of all just want to say that I wish everyone the best of luck with their immigration process.

    I applied for a student visa at the beginning of the year. My course is three years and therefore I had to submit a medical report. I thought it was just a formality, mostly to check for TB. But then I became aware of this whole BMI/waist measurement thing. My waist measurement is over and my BMI is way over. According to the scale they use I could be classified as obese. I donít think Iím obese and Iíve never been diagnosed as such. And if I am Iím a darn healthy obese person because everything else checked out fine. I did suffer from mild asthma as a child, but Iíve since out grown this and the doctor said since Iíve never been hospitalized for it itís not serious. I was honest enough to disclose this cause the form asked Ďhave you everí suffered from such and illness. Iím not sure how much this is going to worsen my case.

    To make matters worse Iím from a country that only has a NZ High Commission (NZHC). So my medical report was submitted for a reassessment at the NZ Immigration Office in London. Iím not really sure when it was sent cause my case officer at my local NZHC is incapable of answering this question, but itís been there by my estimate for more than 6 weeks. I also canít contact anyone in London to ask how long my medical reassessment will take. My local immigration office can also not place any queries because he just gets told if my medical has been passed or not when he gets told.

    Since Iím applying for a student visa I cannot even apply for a medical waiver, which is a bit devastating because I know I could make a good cause for myself in the medical waiver application.

    If thereís anyone in my situation, either a student or someone whose application has been sent to a NZ Immigration Office outside of their own country, Iíd like to hear from you. Any other advice or comments from anyone will also help.


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    Did you manage to get any feedback regarding your medicals?

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    Default Reply form biofangirl

    Hi Shoves

    No I haven't gotten any feed back on my medicals. All I've established is that know one can tell me how long it's going to take. To make things worse my local NZ High Commission are moving offices - I found this out cause my immigration officer had set up an automatic "out of office" e-mail response. I dunno if this is going to add additional delays. I've started applying for other things again just in case this whole thing doesn't work out.

    How goes your immigration plans?


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