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Thread: Canadian Family Wanting To Take The Plunge!

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    Default Canadian Family Wanting To Take The Plunge!

    My husband and I, along with our two small children have decided to move to New Zealand for awhile. Woohoo! My husband is a plumber and I do a lot of contract work while I raise our children. I just started the process of filling out the Expression of Interest and am very overwhelmed! It is quite confussing and I do not want to miss something and not get our 140 points. DOes anyone have hints?
    Also, is it recommended to get qualification/registration as needed prior to arriving in NZ? (husband has to write an exam to be registered as a plumber) I have ALOT of questions and will search this forum for most answers. Just wanted to say Hiya!

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    Welcome Lee & Kaley!!!

    Enjoy your journey!!!
    I m sure alot of people will be able to answer your questions ;)
    WHV submitted 20/11/07 approved 15/01/08
    arrived in Auckland 23/03/08
    Work permit under partnership submitted 21/05/08 APPROVED 29/05/08
    Work permit extension under partnership submitted 06/03/09 APPROVED 23/03/09 Expires 23/03/10
    Residence permit under partnership submitted 06/03/09
    Immigration Officer assigned 30/04/09
    Residence Permit APPROVED 29/06/09
    Our Baby Boy is due 01/04/10 "whoopwhoop"

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    Hi both, welcome!

    I've hoarded these tips for the EOI application for a while now, so I hope they are of some use to you.

    Tips on completing an Expression of Interest

    Please read the Expression of Interest Guide (NZIS 1101) carefully and ensure that all information submitted is accurate. Exaggerating points will not give you a better chance of getting residence and is likely to slow down your application, and result in it being resubmitted to the pool.

    Current Residential Address
    Under Question A14 please enter the address that you are currently living at. This is important as it will determine which branch your EOI is sent to if it is selected.

    Skilled Employment
    Question E2 is only relevant if you have an offer of skilled employment or current skilled employment in New Zealand. Please do not list your current employer in your home country in this section.

    Work Experience
    Please ensure that your total number of years of work experience in Question G2 is calculated to the nearest month and relates only to the work experience that you have listed in G1.

    Please note that if your job offer is one that requires registration (please check the EOI guide) you must have full or provisional registration before you lodge an Expression of Interest. This is also required if you have a partner who holds an offer of employment in a registerable position
    If you do not have registration you cannot claim points for skilled employment in New Zealand and may also lose points for qualifications and work experience. In most cases no registration will lead to the EOI being returned back to the pool or declined
    Please note there are some registration boards (i.e. electrical and most medical professions), which will not give provisional registration to offshore applicants. Applicants in this situation are advised to secure New Zealand work visas and lodge an Expression of Interest from New Zealand once you have registration. Please investigate the Work to Residence policy on our website for other migration options.

    Please provide as much information about your qualification as possible. Relate your description of the qualification to that on our Recognised List of Qualifications. For example, if you have a trade qualification from the UK, please list City and Guilds part 1 & 2 and the completed apprenticeship
    If you have a recognised postgraduate qualification, a Masters Degree or Doctorate, please show that it was accompanied by a recognised undergraduate degree so that we can award 55 points.
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