Hi there. My name is Arturo, and I'm from the Dominican Republic. I'm 25 years old, so is my wife, and we have a two year old son. We're all perfectly healthy. We're both Industrial Engineers, I have a few years of work experience, and I scored 115/120 int he TOEFL. No complications with the law, ever. Wow, what a way to summarize things!

As far as I've read, I figure we'd be decent candidates to migrate, although our profession is not "in demand" in any country, apparently, it's still a degree and I guess I could meet enough requirements (education, english, health, and "character" as it's referred to in the immigration pages) to apply to a couple of countries.

My problem is, the kind of life I'm looking for is not one working as an engineer. That's where my problem is. I would like to live and work in a farm. Now how on earth could I achieve that? Surely no country is going to want immigrants who want to have a farm life, if what they are looking for is "skilled" migrants in other areas.

I have read extensively about migrating to different countries (first choices were Australia and New Zeland), but I'm now trying to figure out if what I want is actually possible. I know this must be quite odd for a first post.... but any suggestion/comment would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!