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Thread: Here we come (i hope)

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    Talking Here we come (i hope)

    My husband and child of 2.5 years are hoping to make NZ our home. After being thru so many levels of crime.....that you cant even sleep at night. I am hoping that NZ will bring back that sence of peace......clean streets, politeness.....everything that was once here.

    We have most of our paper work ready....but the hard part is when my husband goes to nz for 3 weeks in june to secure a job. He is very good at what he does and is well known here....but there we will have to start from scratch again......The bigest question is thu can he secure a job in less than 3 weeks???

    The wait is taking for ever thu....since we nearly got held up in our home and my mother in law nearly kidnapped in December 2008 (that was the final straw) then we began the process but it really feels like forever

    And there is so much to do!

    And now there is wording of people being put out of NZ.....
    Where do i go to get daily news from nz??

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    Hi Fiona and welcome to MTNZ.

    Sorry to hear you've been having a rough time. We've heard similar stories from others wanting to leave SA. What a worrying and sad time for you all.

    It is possible for someone to get a job offer in 3 weeks but it depends, of course, on what your husband does for a living and how many vacancies are on offer in his line of work. Has he looked on any of the job websites yet? There are some listed on our NZ Website List under Employment. It's not a great time for job hunting in many places in the world these days, but the best thing he could do is to go to NZ and present himself to potential employers. Trying to find work from outside the country can often be quite difficult and employers prefer to meet job candidates face to face. Even if your husband can't secure a job offer during his 3 weeks, he could still leave his CV with various companies in the hope that something will come along later.

    Quote Originally Posted by FIONA View Post
    Where do i go to get daily news from nz??
    You could take a look at the NZ Herald or Stuff.
    Mother Bear

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    Hi Fiona,

    We also moved from Johannesburg with our toddler. Best decision we ever made!

    What does your husband do? If he can set up interviews while still in SA that will increase his chances. I did 2 weeks with 2 - 4 interviews a day and found a job but I'm in a skills shortage area.

    Is there any way you have enough points to submit an Expression of Interest? That way when you get a job your application would be fast-tracked and you wouldnt have to worry about retrenchments making you leave NZ.

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