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Thread: From London to Wellington - freelance?

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    London until mid March than in Wellington

    Exclamation From London to Wellington - freelance?

    Hi everyone,

    so glad about this forum and the useful information from the members.
    Hope someone can help me too.

    Here some background information:
    We are both German citizens living and working in London.
    My partner got a 12-month contract from "the VFX-company" in Wellington.
    Possibility of extending.
    They are organizing everything and are planning to relocate us at the end of March. So for him the work visa is sorted.

    As far as I am informed I can either apply for my own work visa or apply a work visa under the partner stream, right?

    Now my current company (international media agency) wants me to continue working on my projects from NZ on a freelance (part-time) base as we do not have an office in NZ until I'll maybe return to London.

    So I am wondering if this is even possible? I just find information about "becoming self-employed" in NZ with the "long term business visa". But we are not intending to stay there forever (or not yet) and I won't work for a NZ company.

    Any advise?

    Thanks in advance,

    B - the globetrotter

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    London until mid March than in Wellington

    Default Answer

    Finally I called Immigration NZ and asked them about this situation and
    they told me that I will have an open work visa/permit under partnership,
    so I can choose any employment I want to.
    "Freelancer" - "Self-employed" is a form of employment.

    I know this is not "the Answer" for Freelancers.
    But maybe someone else is in this kind of situation and my post can help



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    Hi there!!

    I am a german citizen myself and here in NZ currently on the open work permit under partnership.

    With the open work permit you can work wherever and whatever you want!

    I am in full time employment and working self employed / setting up my own business at the moment. No problems there at all!

    So I would suggest for you to go for that one, as it is also the easiest and cheapest option!

    If you have any questions I might be able to help :)

    WHV submitted 20/11/07 approved 15/01/08
    arrived in Auckland 23/03/08
    Work permit under partnership submitted 21/05/08 APPROVED 29/05/08
    Work permit extension under partnership submitted 06/03/09 APPROVED 23/03/09 Expires 23/03/10
    Residence permit under partnership submitted 06/03/09
    Immigration Officer assigned 30/04/09
    Residence Permit APPROVED 29/06/09
    Our Baby Boy is due 01/04/10 "whoopwhoop"

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