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    Default newbie janet

    Hi My family and I (hubby and two sons) are seriously considering the big move. my job is on the list of "most wanted!" so we were thinking of going along to the expo taking place in birmingham by the nz gov. has anyone else used these and did they find them useful? Jx

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    Hi Janet,

    My husband and I went to one in London and we found it helpful.

    My advice would be to take cv's with you as some of the companies will want to take all your details in case they have a job that suits.

    It's also helpful if you know where abouts you want to move to in NZ as then you can sign up with job agencies in the area you are planning on moving to. Although you can always just sign up to everything and see what turns up.

    There are a variety of different stalls from info about opening bank accounts, moving pensions, real estate, immigration, and of course businesses and recruitment agencies.

    Hope that helps

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    Hi and welcome.

    We went to the one in London last year and found it helpful - although go early as they queue to speak to the Immigration people gets long very quickly.

    Good luck

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    thanks for ur replies I'll let you know how it goes!! Jx

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    I think the London expos are much more successful than the others. We attended ones in Manchester and Edinburgh. We found they were great for finding out information but not so great at making contacts for jobs etc.
    If you are intending to go and gather information on the immigration process and info on different areas then it should be great. Plenty of shipping companies and banks etc are usually there.
    Depending on what area of work you are in would depend how well the expo is for you on the job side of things. We found there were a lot of health care people to speak to but not so much of anything else. My husband works in IT and was pretty diassapointed by the lack of companies to talk to. However there were a few agencies around but to be honest unless you have dates for going to NZ they aren't too interested in taking you details except to say contact us when you arrive.

    This is just my opinion though- London is the main event and some companies only show for that one and don't travel north to the smaller expos.
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