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Thread: HI eveyone sorry i did not gave an intro

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    Default HI eveyone sorry i did not gave an intro

    sorry i did not gave an intro..
    My name is Shari.. i am 45 years old and i work here in the states ( so.californa) with handicap children i have been doing it now for 20 years...
    i have two AA degrees. I have been married now for 21 years to a NZ citizen he first came over the states as a child but has been back several times since that...
    he is getting flack from his parents ( also NZ Citizens who are currenly living in the US but are planning on leaving the US to "go back home" to live" ) they want us to move there too. his father thinks it would be NO problem with Me all i need is just my passport.. i can get your medical and a job no problem..
    i again don;t think so maybe i am wrong...
    please any help is needed in this matter.
    again thank you..

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    Hi Shari

    If you are married to a kiwi you should be able to get your husband to sponsor you under the Partnership Policy . This isn't very clear and you may have to dig around in some of the links to get all the information. There's a link at the bottom of this page that your husband will need to look at.

    NZ is very keen to have its citizens return home, so it is very likely that they will want their partners to go with them.
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    Agreed. Though it's not quite so simple as your FIL thinks. Neither is it as difficult as getting in with a skilled worker visa. You're probably a shoe-in, unless you're a felon on dialysis
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