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    Unhappy traci nic

    Hi everybody. My family and I at the moment are living in Yorkshire, but we want to move to New Zealand . In the next two weeks we are going to start our plans through Golden Sands agency. I am shaking as i am typing this because i am confused how long this is going to take. My husband is a IT specialist , and with a job offer we have a total of 115 points . Golden sands are doing all of the paper work and they yare going to help him land a job there. I am wanting to know about schools asd i have got 2 children one aged 5 and one aged 8 , where are the best places to live , and how long does all of the process take. This is all new to me so sorry about the mistakes . can somebody put my mind at ease because i am feeling very negative at the moment .

    looking forward to any help u can offer.:

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    Hi Tracy. Sorry to hear you're on a bit of a downer at the moment when this should really be an exciting time for your family. Let's hope we can inject some enthusiasm and clarity into the situation for you.

    It's difficult to be specific about schools until you know which area you will be going to, but if you want to read up about school stuff, try looking on our NZ website list under Education Related Sites where you'll find links to other sites dealing with education.
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    Welcome to the forum Tracy

    So what are your plans then? Any ideas whereabouts in NZ you'd like to head for? Any particular reason you're using an agency rather than going it alone? What are your reasons for choosing NZ - have you been here before?

    We've got many willing people on here who'll help you out with any questions you have or simply be there to offer you some moral support

    Don't be scared - it's all a big adventure and you're very brave just to have made the decision to come here


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