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    Default Hello from Yorkshire

    Hello All,

    Just joined the forum and hope to pick up loads of info regarding a move to Australia or New Zealand.

    I am 35 and my wife is 28, our 2 kids are 2 and 4.

    I will be looking to gain employment as an electrical/electronic field service engineer, so any info on this would be much appreciated.

    Also, we don't know where to go, at the moment we have got Auckland in mind but are a bit concerned about the earthquakes and volcanos etc... is this something to worry about of not? if it is then where would be the best place to settle in Australia.

    We are hoping to be looking at properties with a value of the equivalent to 120k -150k, is this possible for a modest 3/4 bedroom property.

    Any info appreciated.

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    Hello and Welcome,

    We recently emigrated to Christchurch, on the South Island. I'm a software engineer, and am pleased to say that I found employment easily once here. Prior to our move, employers weren't too interested.

    We have just bought a lovely 4 bed house outright - for just under $300k, which at the exchange rate we got was 106k UKP.

    As for the earthquakes, yes there are loads according the the quake watch website (Can't remember the address). We have been here 5 months and not felt one yet. Yes, it does worry me a little ... and was partially the reason why we didn't want to live in Wellington, which lies on a fault line - but I figure, what's the point worrying about what might happen ... no serious quakes or volcanoes here, so more likely to be involved in a traffic accident or something ...

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    Arrived in NZ, August 13th

    Check out our website ->

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    Quote Originally Posted by zummerzet_lou View Post
    As for the earthquakes, yes there are loads according the the quake watch website (Can't remember the address)
    Here it is

    GeoNet – Recent New Zealand Earthquakes

    It makes it look a lot worse than it is. After 5 months here the ground has not moved for me yet
    Landed in NZ, 13th August 2008


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    Thankyou very much for the help much appreciated, I had a feeling that they would be over egging the pudding.

    Need to get more info on jobs etc... now

    What is life like in NZ are you guys happy with the move, I have read that the country is having financial problems like the rest ofteh world, is this true?

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    That is true. At this time all over the world are problems with the economie. John Key, PM, agreed yesterday for a baillout of some companies in NZ. But with the oil price also the rezession came back. It is now 3.4 %. Anyway it is a very good place to life. We are in Wellington and we felt the earth shaking. But nothing serious.
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    Thankyou for the responses, I suppose with all that is going on with world economies you still have to look at the quality of life aspect but from many different angles.

    We are fairly sure that NZ is the placefor us but I am convincing myself that to be a field service engineer I will need to be in Auckland where the majority of the countries industry will be, am I right in thinking this?

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    Ah, another person from Yorkshire! Where abouts are you from? I am from Barnsley, South Yorks and am living in Auckland. I have only been here 3 weeks so can't really offer much advice on living here as I am still finding my way to be honest. Just thought I would drop you a line because I was very excited to see another person from Yorkshire!

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    Default Hi

    I with my husband and three children (13,9 and 6) moved to Rotorua from Leeds about 9 weeks ago. We love it. The kids have settled really well in their new school. My husband has a job as a plasterer, he got the offer of employment before we got out here. The money over here is rubbish, so that is quite difficult to get used to. The way we see it is yes we have had to cut down on some luxuries but the lifestyle is what we were after. The lifesytle and surrounding areas are so beautiful, it takes your breath away every time you look. The summer will also be so much better as there is so much to do outdoors. I don't think we will ever regret our decision.

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    Oh, console yourself the money employers are paying for people in construction back over here is dropping that is if they are fortunate enough to have or find some work.

    Heard last week of a bunch of guys who were on 25 quid an hour working on power stations losing their jobs, the company has hired and trained a bunch of Polish guys who are doing it for 8.

    Just gets worse over here, I am from Yorkshire too!

    I don't know if the statistics are on here somewhere but presently there are 11 million people looking to leave and a quarter of them are heading down under, Australia house in London is absolutely inundated with applications most noteably by people from the Baltics states and Poland who had been working in the UK

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