Hi all,
my partner & I have been seriously thinking about moving to NZ- Hopefully BoP/ Hawkes Bay, we hope to take the big step in september 2010.
We currently live in gibraltar due to my commitments with the Royal Navy. I hope to use my ODP and CSSD qualifications over there. My husband is concerntrating on furthering his teaching & coaching qualifications in Rugby, football & swimming whilst working with children who have difficult behaviors. So far we qualify for the points on EOI, and have managed to get in touch with some agencys too help me with the process of getting set up with a job in my line of work.
We are wondering if its best to open a NZ bank account to put our savings in, or just sort that out once we get there. we dont have any comitments such as a house or kids so are ready to ship up and go. If any one has advice on setting up a bank account over there i would appreciate your thoughts.
Really glad we found this site to share info with those in the same boat.
Zara n Steve