Hi to everyone lucky enough to have made the move already
And to all you wanabees like us who're desperate to get out there asap!!

We're hoping to move out from North Yorkshire late summer and are feeling pretty overwhelmed at the mo by the heaps of info you have to take in regarding transporting pets, cars and household effects.

If anyone can offer any advice about shipping furniture, it would be sooooooooo great ..... as I'm going round in circles trying to find answers to questions - like - whether all items of furniture made from wood have to be fumigated & certificated before putting them into the container, and whether re-upholstered chairs (stuffed with horsehair) are classed as prohibited items.

It's the restricted list really that I'm confused about, and don't fancy throwing all my furniture away, so if anyone's sent a container over recently and could offer a few helpful tips I'd be grateful