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Thread: Should I take my work / trade tools?

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    Default Should I take my work / trade tools?

    Hi, we're very new to this forum stuff so not sure what we're doing!! We have been granted residency visas (hurray!!) and are planning to move to NZ from the UK this July/August. Just about to start getting quotes for shipping etc but not sure how or if we can take our huge amount of vehicle repair / workshop tools. Obviously it would cost huge amounts to renew them, but am unable to find out the information regarding cleaning/packing/customs etc (not sure they would ever be clean again!!!) Any advice greatly appreciated.

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    Howdy minidave...on regards to your tools, I do not think NZ is real concerned about grease and oil...I would think they are looking for bugs and seeds... wipe them down with a cleaner, pack them in a wood crate w/ a contents list and BAM!!! your repairing vehicles in NZ..

    Good Luck to You

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    I brought a couple of tool boxes full of mainly electrical tools, and a couple of bits and bobs like a trolley jack and some axle stands etc. My tool boxes were all opened and inspected and passed by M.A.F., and whilst tidy they were hardly spotless.

    I think that Duke has the right idea when he says that they are looking for bugs and seeds rather than grease and oil.

    M.A.F. also inspected our tent and camping gear, which we had cleaned thoroughly and smelt very strongly of Jeyes fluid. Our Xmas tree decorations and all of our footwear was also inspected, all of which would be consistant with the search for bugs and seeds.
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