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    Unhappy Introduce myself!

    Dear all,

    We are planning to move to New Zealand soon. We have two children and I will earn NZ$3488.46 monthly. This amount is after excluding taxes. Do you think is sufficient to life in NZ with this amount if we are 4?. My oldes child is 7 years old and the youngest is 3 months old. I hope you can help to me and tell me how the expensive is the life there. We are planning to get a residence there due to we want a nice liufe for our daughthers and for us.

    Thanks in davnce and I really hope you can contact to me.


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    Hi Elmar,

    I would say that your income would be sufficient to live on but much depends on where you are planning to moving to - Auckland and Wellington can be quite expensive. It also depends on whether you will be renting or buying a house, how large a mortgage you are looking at, and how much in the way of savings you have. Another factor is whether you have expectations of - for example - regular holidays abroad or back to your homeland, undertaking expensive hobbies, etc.

    We are a family of five and live on the low income of $2,500 a month - I earn a lot less but the balance comes from family tax credits, which you can apply for when you are a resident. Fortunately, I own my home because we would find it very difficult to cope with a rent or mortgage. At this rate of income, care has to be taken with day-to-day expenditure, with little left over for holidays, dentistry, new furniture etc. - something you may have to do if renting or taking out a mortgage.

    You can get a good idea of property prices and rentals, as well as that of many other items new and secondhand on TradeMe ? New Zealand online auctions and classifieds. Browse, buy and sell online on I am sure there are many posts on this forum about the cost of living in New Zealand. I would hazard a guess that if you are from the US you will probably find it a lot more expensive, from the UK or Europe you will find it similar.

    Hope I haven't put you off the idea of moving here - life is certainly a lot better here for most of us, even living frugally.
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    Default Thanks so much Glenda for the information

    Dear Glenda,

    first at all i wish you all the best for this new year that all your dreams and goals are comming soon!

    Thanks for the information. I look that many people has the same feeling that me about leave Europe and move to NZ. We are currently living in Germany and the life here is nice but we want to LIVE in a very quiet place in which our daughthers can grow up without any problem and we consider that NZ is the ideal place. In particular we are moving to Christchurch or Lincoln.
    We would like to rent a forniture house for the first month and once we are there buy some furtniture and rent another house withouth fortniture. The visit to our homecountry could be difficult at least at the begining but we want to visit some areas of NZ and enjoy the nature and the life in NZ.

    I hope we continue in contact and if you want something from Germany just tell me.

    best regards,


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