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Thread: From Pondicherry, South India

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    Default From Pondicherry, South India

    Greetings to everybody.

    we are a recently married husband and wife, trying for new,exciting job opportunities in New Zealand.
    i happen to be a bachelor of science in physics, with computer skills, office administration, and have my charter bus company in my home town.
    my wife happens to be a 5 year experienced social worker, with specialisations in aged/children care, medical & psychiatric counselling.
    we are especially looking to relocate to a small town, or country living - in NZ.
    if viewers can suggest me the good country sides, we would surely appreciate, a lot. thanks in advance.

    hoping to be in NZ by 2009 mid. regards to all.

    Kulasekaran & Sangamithra.

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    Hi both and welcome.

    NZ does have some beautiful countryside and to live there is many people's dream. However, the one thing you would need to consider is that there aren't that many jobs on offer outside of the towns and cities, so you may be restricted for that reason. If I were you I would keep an open mind about where you want to settle until you have job offers and then see how far out from the towns/cities you can go. In NZ you don't always have to go far out of the towns before you are in the countryside so that is a bonus. It just depends how far you want to travel to get to work.
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